Frankees Underwear

Founded by mates Tim Whitehead and Siya Kolisi in July of last year, Frankees is coming up to 7 months of existence. Renny Man catches up with the extremely proudly South African underwear brand to see how they have got on and what we can expect from them in the future.


First and foremost; Frankees is undoubtedly for the people. Saying that it is “for the modern South African man who is not scared to be the cheeky underdog, and step on the toes of giants”. They go on to state that a Frankees gent always acts with the “utmost respect towards women, children, dolphins, cats, and all things alive”…pro respect, pro living, can’t argue with that.

At Renny we are not ones to spread rumours, but have reliable sources that suggest that while donning these briefs, one’s confidence levels will rise by at least 2 points. And one’s overall desirable rating, by 1. Some have even gone as far as saying that once you put them on, you will find love in approximately 10-15 business days. We concur.

Frankees 2 rename-13 copy.jpg

Frankees 2 rename-11 copy.jpg

We have thoroughly enjoyed the coolness and originality of their prints, and when we asked about how they chose them and the meanings behind them, the response we got was that they “collaborate between the two of [them], while keeping that core mind-set strong. Authentic SA is what we are after, therefore tribal prints, proteas, flamingos etc. are showing up and there is a lot more on the way!”. There is bit more mystery (which every lad should have) when it comes to the meaning behind the names that they give to each print, but they have asserted that “[they] will never explain – those are up to the audience to guess”. We have come to terms with this. Underwear art.


You can expect more of everything from Frankees in the future; more colours, variety, styles, and “a lot more sexiness” when their ladies get involved.  And even though you can see gorgeous homosapiens all over the world wearing the to-be-famous underwear; it is, at its core, a South African company for South African people.

To get your hands (man stuff) on some Frankees you can visit with free shipping on orders over R550, and a flat rate fee of R60 otherwise.


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