Nike Metcon 4 Invictus

Invictus (which means “unconquered” in Latin) is a gym that has been known to be for the people. From the peak of professional athletes to novices who have not exercised in a while. Its accessibility and exceptional functional fitness training for all levels has been a main event for the them. Nike and Invictus have partnered (since 2015) to create a special colorway of every edition of the Nike Metcon to date.

Nike Metcon 4 Invictus embodies the box’s ethos, with its design details. The shoe’s tongue features their mantra (William Ernest Henley famous Invictus poem) that speaks to the stoic character required to overcome obstacles. The primarily white-with-green-accents colorway add to its “sea of green”, as Invictus fans are known for creating in the stands with their fan gear and  “V” graphics from the gym’s logo appear on the upper.

Released last week, you can acquired these sneakers via


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